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From Steve Elkington to Papa Bouba Diop
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1 Who beat Steve Elkington, Thomas Levet and Stuart Appleby in extra time?

2 Which British athlete added the Commonweath title to his world, European and Olympic crowns?

3 In what sport was a 4-3 victory by Belarus over Sweden described as the biggest shock in the history of the game?

4 Which golfer won his first US Tour title and a prize of £788,000 when he needed only one putt on his last three holes?

5 Who won the world title at midnight with an 18-17 victory in front of seven million TV viewers?

6 Who enjoyed a major triumph in Paris after three years without a victory?

7 Who won their fourth successive title with their 40th consecutive home victory?

8 Who won in Annecy to conquer Europe for the fourth time in six years?

9 Who spent most of the week on a hospital bed fighting a blood infection and then gave a man-of-the-match display as his team beat their great rivals in the final?

10 Who beat Chelsea for the first time in 12 years and 26 matches?


1 Who lost to Lleyton Hewitt in London twice in the space of a month to take his career record against the Australian to six defeats in six matches?

2 Who were relegated 12 months after winning their first title for 33 years?

3 What did Kevin Kilbane, Matt Holland and David Connolly fail to do?

4 Who lost in the 100 metres backstroke but won six other events?

5 Which defending world champions lost their title without scoring once?

6 Whose 25-race unbeaten run ended in Lucerne?

7 Who lost a contest scheduled for 25 days in just 11?

8 Who led at every marker in a four-and-a-half mile race but eventually lost by two seconds?

9 In which competition did Danai Udomchoke and Paradorn Srichaphan lose to Britain in Birmingham?

10 Who lost after complaining that the goal which beat them had been scored after the end of the match?


1 How did Holland deny Cameroon in Japan?

2 Who celebrated in Auckland when he became the ninth Englishman to pass the 200 mark?

3 Which meeting of two Britons in Australia led the BBC to drop Ruby, Garden Invaders, House Invaders and Wipeout?

4 Who took off his shirt and twirled it above his head in celebration after playing a crucial role in securing victory for his team in Bombay?

5 Which former world champion was rejected by Nevada but welcomed by Tennessee?

6 Where did bees stop play?

7 Where did Tiger Woods emulate the achievements of Jack Nicklaus in 1966 and Nick Faldo in 1990?

8 In which competition did a 20-year-old Russian beat a 20-year-old Frenchman in Paris to clinch victory for his country?

9 Which international football manager found his team four goals down in Paris within 42 minutes of the start of his first match?

10 What feat was accomplished in Dublin for the first time in 34 years thanks to six kicks?


1 "I'm going. That has been settled for some time now. I was asked by a reporter about my retirement and I said, as I would about anything, that you never know what might happen. That's true, but it doesn't mean I was thinking about changing my plans. I've said before that it's my intention to give up managing at the end of the season. That still goes."

2 "It is difficult to explain what sort of excitement this horse gives me, but there is one difference with football. I give the orders there."

3 "They may have a Tiger but we have 12 lions."

4 "It was a physical game. We came here as boys, we leave as men. And we will see England in Perth at the World Cup."

5 "I hope every kid playing in their local club in Australia will realise you can dream, and if you put in a lot of hard work, your dream is not out of reach."

6 "I cannot and will not tolerate being spoken to with that level of abuse, so I sent him home. He is one of the best players in the world, but he is a disruptive influence."

7 "There was a lot of support out there for me. I thought it would be really quiet after London, but it wasn't at all. I was amazed how many British people were out there."

8 "My foot was aching a little bit but it felt OK during the match. I was pleased with the way I played, especially in the first half, but I felt a bit tired in the second half."

9 "We'd like to play a tough series. The last one we had was India and even though we lost we felt satisfied with it. Some of the series we have had have felt a little hollow and we would like to come up against a side that makes it tough to win."

10 "There is no consolation for this. I made my only mistake out of seven games and it was brutally punished. But we must not let one unlucky goal destroy our memories of this World Cup."


1 Who was fined £50,000 for spending a penny?

2 Who had his licence revoked after attacking a referee in protest at his son's treatment?

3 Who travelled to Vienna to represent Britain in an international event on the same day that police in the West Midlands issued a warrant for his arrest?

4 Who were left with only six players on the pitch, forcing the abandonment of their match by the referee?

5 The fate of which England captain was put in the hands of David Pannick QC?

6 Who was sent off for throwing back into the crowd a coin that had been thrown at him?

7 Which British competitor had his medal taken away because of a nasal spray which he had bought over the counter at a local chemist's?

8 Who was shown the red card at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, for the 11th time in his career, when he lashed out at an international colleague?

9 Why was Pieter van Zyl banned for life by the South African Rugby Football Union?

10 Who began the season with a £100,000 fine and a four-point penalty?


1 Who set a record with 11 victories and podium finishes in all 17 races?

2 Who made history in 9.78 seconds in Paris?

3 Which Irishman set a record with victory No 1700?

4 Who took 13 years to reach his century at The Oval?

5 Who beat Goran Ivanisevic for the first time in 10 attempts?

6 Who renounced his decision to retire and swapped white for red?

7 Who became the youngest ever goalscorer in the Premiership?

8 Who won a Grand Slam tennis tournament having never previously gone beyond the quarter-finals?

9 Who joined Alec Stock, Jim Smith, Graham Taylor, Brian Clough and Dario Gradi in the 1,000 club?

10 Which Briton took his individual gold medal tally in major championships to 12 with victory in Vienna?


1 Who lost at the final hurdle in Melbourne for the third year in a row?

2 Which 28-year-old RAF intelligence officer and Oxford University graduate won bronze?

3 Who conquered London on her capital debut?

4 Who became only the seventh woman to win three in a row in the same year?

5 Who won on ice in April to become Scotland's world champion?

6 Who celebrated in Guadeloupe after 13 days, 13 hrs and 47mins?

7 Which UK record-holder was banned until July 2004?

8 Who was born in Kiev and raised in Scotland and won £17,000 at Wimbledon?

9 Which Swede recorded a record 11 victories?

10 Which bronze medallist cast doubt on the winner of her race by remarking: "Without saying too much, take your own guesses [how she did it]. I know I do it fairly and with progression."


1 Who became the first Premiership team to go 100 matches without a 0-0 draw?

2 Where were 867 runs scored in a day and two world records broken?

3 Whose 33-year-old record was broken by Chris Tomlinson?

4 Where did a 31-year-old beat a 32-year-old to claim a record 14th major title?

5 Who did Australia beat by an innings and 360 runs, the second biggest victory in Test history?

6 Who set a Premiership record by scoring in eight successive matches?

7 Who scored the fastest ever Test double hundred – and whose three-week-old record did he break?

8 Who won their first match in the World Cup finals after 14 previous attempts spread out over 48 years?

9 Where did the season open with a post-war record low attendance of 2,476?

10 Who won his country's first Winter Olympics gold medal after all of his final opponents fell?


Why did they hit the headlines?

1 George Bastl

2 Darren Carter

3 Ahn Jung-Hwan

4 Adam Vinatieri

5 Scott Young

6 Aldo Pedro Duscher

7 Jamie Salé and David Pelletier

8 John Petersen

9 Gary Evans

10 Papa Bouba Diop

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