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The fashion pack ventured out of their uniform black last week in Paris and raided their wardrobes for anything with a flavour of the Orient. A bamboo-print, Chinese-style satin jacket by Prada, as worn here by style arbiter Anna Wintour of American `Vogue', will set you back pounds 410. For more democratic shoppers, though, the Oriental look can come beautifully cheap. Interviews by Melanie Rickey. Photographs by Ben Elwes

Main picture, Domoina Ranoro, 15, in Paris with her mother Sylviane. Both were attending the Valentino show as guests of the designer. `We live in Paris, but come from Madagascar originally. This dress was a gift from my mother. We were travelling the world and stopped off in Singapore, and I saw this dress in a traditional Chinese store. These trousers were from a thrift store'

Right, Jo Hague, 26, journalist for Planet Fashion TV: `I wore this outfit in honour of the Dries Van Noten show last week. He layers skirts over trousers, and mixes his colours and prints in a similar way. But my outfit is a lot cheaper than Dries. The Oriental print dress cost pounds 2 from a charity shop, and the jacket pounds 24.99 from Top Shop. I bought it a while ago, so I'm not sure it's still on sale. The trousers are old faves'

Below, Francesca Fearon, fashion writer for `Hello!':`I love Chinese clothes. I lived in Hong Kong for four years during the Eighties, so I collected a lot of stuff then. This is a navy silk Nehru jacket with an electric pink lining. I bought it at Shanghai Tang, David Tang's shop in Hong Kong. I wish I'd brought my Chinese bag by Audrey Ang'

Below centre, Marie-Dominique Follain, 37, from Agence France Presse: `I bought this jacket five months ago in Peking while I was on a business trip for work. I can't remember how much it was but I know it was very cheap. I don't own other Chinese clothes, but I love this jacket, it is very warm, and of course tres chic'

Catherine Malendrino, French fashion designer based in New York: `This jacket was $200 from a flea market in New York. I love mixing high fashion with flea-market stuff. I'm not especially into Chinoiserie, but this jacket has got everything - it's colourful, intricate, striking and traditional'

Below, Emiku Oku, 32, Editor of `Spur', Japanese fashion magazine: `My clothes are not supposed to be Oriental in flavour, but I guess they are. Funnily enough most of it is from London, my favourite shopping place. Both the coat and the jacket are from Voyage on the Fulham Road, and my red velvet bag and Chinese platform sandals are from Prada in Milan'