Style: As seen at...Graduate Fashion Week

Students from all over the country have been having the fashion experience of a lifetime at the Bhs-sponsored degree shows this week. Ruth Levine went along to look at the real attraction, the students themselves. Photographs: Emma Boam
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Sarah Cavanagh, 25, (right) graduating from Surrey Institute

I want to become a fashion stylist. I make a lot of my own stuff. When I buy clothes I spend about pounds 300 a month.

Saffron Wilson, 26, (far right, with Sarah) from Croydon

I'm in my first year. I shop at second-hand shops and make a lot of own stuff, too. I'd like to go into PR. I spend pounds 100-pounds 300 a month on clothes.

Ean Hallett, 24, (below left) from Southampton

I've moved to London and I'm graduating this week and now I plan to move to San Francisco to become a designer. I shop at Vivienne Westwood, and in Soho and Kensington. I spend about pounds 200 a month.

Natalie Read, 22, (below centre) graduating from Middlesex University

I'd like to go into styling for pop videos or advertising. I make a lot of my own clothes and spend about pounds 10 in second-hand shops each month. My graduating collection is called the "Terror of St Trinian's".

Ea Velsvebel, 24, (below right) starting a degree at Middlesex next year

I made my outfit and want to become a designer. I'm really excited to be here.

Montlooris, 32, (main photograph) model

A friend makes a lot of my clothes and I also shop in C&A.

Above (clockwise from top left)

Sarah Morgan, 24, student at London College of Fashion

I want to become a fashion designer. I do most of my shopping in Red or Dead. I spend about pounds 150-pounds 200 a month.

Richard Torry, 37, spectator

Most of my clothes are from friends, or else I shop in Soho. I do my own hair.

Rassa, 32, spectator

I'm a designer. I came to get ideas. I made my suit myself from recycled clothes. I don't shop, but my shoes are from Marley Shoes.

Gregory Hubbard, ageless, from New York, choreographer and model

I bought the sunglasses from Leeds, but I don't usually buy clothes - they're given to me. I paint my nails myself.

Below (left to right), from Surrey Institute, Epsom

Laura Tindorf, 22 It's quite scary leaving college. I would like to go freelance. I spend pounds 50-pounds 100 a month on clothes. My favourite shop is Warehouse. I make a lot of my own clothes.

Nicola White, 22 I'd like to go into fashion journalism. I made most of my clothes. I shop in basic shops for essentials, and second-hand.

Nicola Panay, 22

I would take a job anywhere in fashion. I make a lot of my own clothes and spend about pounds 50 a month on clothes, mainly second-hand.

Katie Price, 21

I'd like to go into illustration. I make a lot of my own clothes and buy second-hand, too.

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