Tailoring? Suits me

Grab a fitted jacket and a knee-length skirt, sling on a skinny belt, and step springwards with confidence
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Photographer: Bert Cross Stylist: Charlie Harrington

Jaeger bamboo herringbone jacket £259, skirt £99 and silk shirt £129. A very neat, sophisticated suit. Has quite strong shoulder pads which give it a solid feel. This is a good work suit, made softer by the buttery tone of the fabric. Available from Jaeger, 200-206 Regent Street, London W1, 12-14 King Street, Manchester and branches nationwide. Inquiries on 071-494 2060.

BhS skirt £25, waistcoat £25, long-line jacket £55. Can be worn with or without a shirt. The waistcoat is cut quite high and close to the body. The jacket is gently curved to produce a slimming silhouette. Our only criticism is that the skirt is not quite as flattering as the other pieces. But overall, a good buy. From BhS branches nationwide. Inquiries on 071-262 3288.

Dries Van Noten jacket £370, skirt £160. Although it may look as though the collar is pulling at the shoulder line, the cut is beautiful. The silhouette from behind is striking, but this is not a suit that will appeal to all. It is, however, a fashion follower's dream. Available from Harvey Nichols, Brompton Road, London SW3.

Maxmara suit £268. The jacket is a very easy shape to wear, cut in a way that feels similar to a shirt, and allows for movement in a way that most jackets do not. The linen allows it to be very cool and fresh, the downside being it that it is inclined to crumple. From Maxmara branches, inquiries on 071-287 3434.

Jigsaw stone lightweight cavalry twill suit. Jacket £134, skirt £51. A good choice of colour mid-way between beige and grey. Excellent fit, with a very smooth shoulder line. The look is clean, with the feel of a designer label such as Calvin Klein. This is also one of the most versatile of the suits, and can be accessorised by a skinny belt for a post-war look. Available from Jigsaw, 91-95 Fulham Road, London SW3, Queen Victoria Quarter, Leeds 1 and branches nationwide. Inquiries on 081-878 8443.

Hennes black rib jacket with thin belt £54.99, and skirt £24.99. A good suit, but you can't expect perfection at this price. The fabric lets it down, although it hits the mark for a fashionable shape. For a classier look, swap the belt for a more expensive one. Available from Hennes, 261-271 Regent Street, London W1, the Whitgift Centre, Unit 87- 88, Croydon and branches nationwide. Inquiries on 071-255 2031.