Technological black holes and shock travel - tomorrow's tourism revealed

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The future of travel may be more likely to involve fires and simple food as it is seven-star luxury and high-tech gadgets, according to a report from the United Kingdom released April 13.

The researchers said that consumers are looking for more daring, dangerous and bizarre travel experience than ever before and that these ideas are likely to affect the way that we travel in the future.

Imagine, for instance, a holiday where you stay in a simple hut, heated by fire, and living on simple foods. There are no mobile phones, BlackBerries or internet connections, and children can learn about a type of existence they have only read about in books. Whether it's your idea of heaven or hell, with "back to basics" tourism already booming, a tour package that offers just that experience may not be far off.

The report, titled the "Future of Free Time," was compiled by and British think tank the Future Foundation. It also suggests that countries such as Lebanon and Colombia which are gradually becoming more politically stable, will offer pioneering appeal in the future, much like the former Eastern Bloc cities of Prague and Budapest.

For thrill seekers, the tourism market could get even more thrilling. Extreme experiences such as packages that offer the thrill of being kidnapped will continue to grow in popularity, and advanced technology will make experiencing a natural phenomenon such as a volcano even more popular. Given the recent boost in Icelandic tourism thanks to the eruption of a volcano, the report appears exceedingly prescient.

And as the world's population ages, it will give rise to a new type of traveler that refuses to be restricted by age, demanding increasingly active and enriching activities, from medical travel to personal improvement, mental wellness to active holidays where older people set the pace.