Texas Flood: Photos of the historic and devastating flood that rocked Houston

America’s fourth largest city is underwater due to historic flooding

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At least three people are dead and 12 missing following heavy rain and flooding in Houston, Texas.

More than 10 inches of rain slammed the Houston area overnight, leaving three pronounced dead and 12 missing on Tuesday morning.

Wind gusts were also as high as 100 mph and hail sizes as large as three-quarters of an inch fell in Houston, the Houston Chronicle reported.

“We’ve seen lots of flooding — nothing to this magnitude,” Mayor Daniel Guerrero of San Marcos told CNN.

Houston’s Metro transit system suspended all services during the extreme weather and the Houston Independent School District closed all of its schools and activities on Tuesday, the New York Times reported.

Houstonians were encouraged to stay in their homes, but some still ended up driving, trapped in massive traffic jams. On Monday night, following the Houston Rockets 128-115 victory against the Golden State Warriors, fans were also encouraged to stay at the town's Toyota Center until the dangerous weather had subsided.

Here are photos from the devastation on Monday and Tuesday morning.

Gabby Aviles carries her daughter Audrey through floodwaters outside their apartment in Houston.