The A-Z of Business schools: European School of Management

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Age: 25

History: Set up in the early years of Euro unification by the Paris Chamber of Industry and Commerce to create a truly European business school with centres in major European countries. Aim was to give brainy students cross- border educational and work experience.

Address: Based in four centres - Paris, Oxford, Berlin and Madrid.

Ambience: In Paris the school is in a swish post-modern building on the western edge of the city in the 17th arrondissement. In Berlin it's housed in a historic listed structure originally commissioned in 1906 by the Empress August Victoria to be a children's clinic on land which formed part of the Charlottenburg Palace. In Madrid, the school has its own swimming pool; in Oxford it's near Merton College.

Vital statistics: Only business school of its kind. Runs two pre-experience postgrad courses: the three-year, three-country, three-language European Masters in management and the one-year, two-country, two-language Masters in European business. The school also has four MBA programmes - one in international business based in Paris, an international executive MBA (which is modular) also in Paris, a part-time executive MBA in Madrid and the East-West MBA, a two-year German programme.

Added value: Students learn about the latest management ideas and become immersed in European business practice. They also learn several different languages. On the three-year programme each participant does an in-company placement in each of the three countries.

Easy to get into? No. Only 200 students are admitted to the pre-experience European Masters in management. For the MBA you need at least three years' work experience, a degree and a GMAT score of more than 550.

Association of MBA's accreditation: Yes, for the full-time Paris-based MBA.

Glittering alumni: Gilles Alex, vice president of Citibank, Paris; Jost Aring, director of Peugeot, Brazil; Andreas von Arnim, chief executive, Raab Karcher Sicherheit Germany; Christian Veaucoup, managing director, Hoechst Marion Roussell, Peru; Benoit Cassaigne, deputy general manager, IP, France; Christophe Forbes, director, Citiwatch Ltd, London; Yvonne Ziegler, regional director, Lufthansa, Italy.

International connections: Has an international staff from 14 countries. Approximately 60 per cent of graduates begin their careers outside their native country. Official links with universities in Poland, Italy, Thailand, Chile, US, Denmark, Luxembourg and Ireland.

Student profile: Average starting age on European Masters in management is 23; male female ratio 12:7. Average age on Masters in European business 24; male female ratio 2:3. Average age on MBA is 32; male female ratio 3:1.

Example of management speak: Cross-border expertise.

Cost: Three-year European Masters in management costs pounds 3,000 a year; one-year Masters in European Business costs pounds 4,500; MBA in international business costs pounds 12,500.

Return on investment: 91 per cent salary hike after the MBA in international business. Average starting salary after the European Masters in management is pounds 27,000 in the UK.

Who's the boss? Monsieur Michel Raimbault who is clever and charming - just like a Frenchman should be.

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