The Dew Tour 2010: Skateboarding, motocross and BMX in the USA

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The Dew Tour is a five-discipline, five-event, five-month series consisting of skateboard, motocross and BMX competitions in the USA. The tour has been active since 2005 and in 2009 saw some legacy names of extreme sports taking podium places as veterans Ryan Nyquist, Dave Mirra, Bucky Lasek and Bob Burnquist proved that they all still had what it took to walk away with a hefty slice of the $3.5 million prize payout.

Nike 6.0 BMX Open
June 26-27
Chicago, Illinois

ISF Skateboarding World Championships
July 24-25
Boston, Massachusetts

Wendy's Invitational
August 13-16
Portland, Oregon

Toyota Challenge
September 17-20
Salt Lake City, Utah

PlayStation Pro
October 15-18
Orlando, Florida

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