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The Time: 18 September - 3 October The Place: Whitford Fine Art, 6 Duke Street, London (0171-930 9332)
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Gufram furniture is the work of a group of radical Italian designers who captured the mood of the swinging Sixties with a collection of extraordinary objects. Ceretti, Derossi, Rosso, Drocco and Gilardi, otherwise known as `Studio 65', made unique moulded polyurethane creations painted in latex rubber. Inspired by nature their work was bought as both sculpture and practical pieces of furniture for the home, (depending on your home). Below are eight limited edition examples of their work which will be on exhibition.

The giant lip sofa, right, is bound to raise a few smiles. It costs pounds 3,000.

The only prickly thing about this Cactus coat rack, far right, is the pounds 1,500 price tag.

You wouldn't guess it but the Big Meadow, above right, priced pounds 4,500, is actually a chair. The blades of grass bend with your body, as though you were sitting on a lawn.

Shaped into a marble column the Capitello armchair costs pounds 2,500.

The River Bed is made up of pebble-style pieces which slot together to form a lounging space on the floor.

Then there's the Massolo marble coffee table, priced pounds 1,200.

Blocks of granite and rocks are turned into chairs which cost pounds 650/pounds 750.

Janet Knight