The programme: Ben Wyatt (week one)

Today, Ben's trainer and nutritionist assesses seven days of effort, and raises the stakes with a new set of tasks
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The programme


Rowing Machine 2,000m: set target time and beat it

Treadmill 1min at 9km/hr, 1min at 14km/hr: repeat x5

Bike 10min: note distance and beat it

Strength training

Shoulder press 3x12

Seated row 3x12

Chest press 3x12

Biceps curls 3x12

Triceps extensions 3x12

Core stability training

Leg lifts and straighten 5 each leg

Crunches 3x15

Reverse crunches 3x15

Flexibility training

Knee rolls 10 each way

Chest Stretch 10sec hold

Hamstring stretch 10sec hold

Neck stretch 5sec hold

Ben: Jeff's approach to weights and exercise machines at the gym was an eye-opener. He demonstrated the correct way to strength-train for maximum effect and efficiency ­ and it hurt like hell. Times to beat over distance on the bike and the rowing machine, and switching speeds on the treadmill have made these more interesting. Diet-wise, I'm now eating a boiled egg and juice breakfast. I am also drinking more water, just one coffee and eating three pieces of fruit each day. I now have a craving for sweet things and I haven't dozed off in the afternoon! I am sleeping better, but I still feel a general stiffness on the days after a gym session.

Jeff Archer, trainer: In the gym, Ben was trying to lift weights too heavy for him. Once we had corrected his technique and lowered the weights, he was working just as hard but more effectively and on the right areas. Before beginning exercise Ben's heart rate was 83 bpm which is normal for someone contemplating an energetic workout. On the rowing machine, Ben managed to complete 1000m in 3 mins 34 seconds ­ a very good time. His heart rate peaked at 181 bpm. Ben performed well on strength tests also, completing 26 press-ups and 14 assisted pull-ups.

Antony Haynes, nutritionist: As with Jenny, no sugar, eat wholegrains only, and an increase in number of foods eaten per day to reach at least 25. Also, limit alcohol to two nights out of seven, and eat a protein food such as eggs, fish and chicken at two meals at least a day. This helps to reduce simple sugars and ensure adequate protein.

Total Performance, 0700 4348 6377; The Nutrition Clinic, 020 7589 4394