The programme: the challenge and the team

Change your routine, change your diet, change your life
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The challenge

You work hard, you play hard. After all, there's the weekend game of squash and the trips to the gym three times ... maybe twice ... OK, once a week. Still, you put away a lot of salad, right? And lay off the pies? Of course you do.

If only life weren't so hectic, you might get round to sorting out a proper fitness regime and a healthier diet. Given a bit of breathing space, though, would you know how to improve your lifestyle? Figure out how to eat and exercise correctly without boring yourself stupid? Well, don't worry ­ we've found a man and a woman just like you and given them what many busy people (who want to eat that bit better and train that bit harder) wish they could have: The Programme.

Over the next six weeks, 50-year-old Jenny Hunt and 28-year-old Ben Wyatt will transform their diet and exercise with the help of The Programme ­ as carefully devised by the top personal trainer Jeff Archer and leading personal nutritionist Antony Haynes (see below). Jenny and Ben have already met their trainer and nutritionist, and discussed what aims each wishes to achieve during the course of The Programme. Today, they are set their tasks to be undertaken over the next seven days. The trainer and nutritionist will then monitor Jenny and Ben's performances and set them a new series of work-out and dietary goals every week as part of The Programme.

For the next six week in Sports Active, you will be able to follow Jenny and Ben as they face their varying challenges. We will also provide physical measurements (heart-rate, weight, body-fat ratio) to see if The Programme is making any difference where it counts: the body.

The team

Jeff Archer, 28, is a personal fitness trainer who works with clients of all ages and abilities. He designs fitness programmes for improvement in all sports, pastimes and day-to-day life. Previous clients have benefited from his advice on how to improve on their achievements in activities from marathon running and triathlon to sailing, horse riding and opera singing. As well as training his own clients, Jeff is a director of Total Performance, a fitness and lifestyle consultancy

For information: Total Performance 0700 4348 6377

Antony Haynes, 36, is a consultant nutritionist of 10 years' standing, and runs the Nutrition Clinic in Harley Street, London. He lectures widely on the subject, concentrating on digestive complaints. Most of his work involves one-to-one consultations with his clients; he has helped over 6,500 people to date. Antony says that his clients are often surprised at the difference nutritional consultation can make, and the speed with which changes in diet can improve their health.

For information: The Nutrition Clinic 020 7589 4394