The Programme, week 1

Simon Manley and Rachel Macgregor are following the same programme
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Interval jog: 5min warm up jog; 3min hard run, 2min easy jog – x5; 5min warm down jog

Strength/cardiovascular training

Cardio circuit 10 press-ups from knees, 45sec sprint, 10sec break – x3; 10 lunges per leg, sprint up and down stairs five times – x3

Flexibility training

Hamstring stretch 20sec hold
Gluteal stretch 20sec hold
Quad stretch 20sec hold
Calf stretch 20sec hold
Shoulder stretch 20sec hold

Core stability training

Abdominal curl 3x10 (hands by ears, elbows behind head)
Back extensions 3x10 (lie on front, slowly raise upper body)

To be done twice a week