The Programme, week 1: Trainer's comments on Rachel Macgregor

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Neil Price: Rachel already leads quite an active life and so she is already in good shape. A typical week for Rachel might involve cycling to and from work each day (approx 20 mins each way), swimming for 20 minutes twice per week and the occasional run.

Like so many people, Rachel's work is mainly sedentary so her body does not get much of a chance to burn calories during the day (although she can sometimes get out for lunch and walk around).

Weekends are spent either doing vigorous activities such as mountain-biking or canoeing, or are just as easily spent relaxing and socialising.

Rachel's training goals are general: to increase muscle tone and build up her stomach muscles. Looking at her current activities, we can see that to achieve these goals Rachel is going to have to include more resistance work and abdominal training into her weekly routine. This will be difficult due to work pressures and time constraints but by following her new exercise regime, her efforts will be maximised.