The Programme, week 2: Simon Manley

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It's been quite a tiring week but in fact the dietary element has been far less straightforward than the exercise. I'm supposed to be introducing a level of variety but the list the nutritionist has given me contains things which are preposterously difficult to find. For example, instead of wheat for breakfast I'm supposed to be trying millet flakes and vulkan brot bread – hardly the things you find down the local supermarket. It's not very realistic but at the same time I feel like I'm letting the nutritionist down when I don't find these things.

What I have been able to achieve quite easily is a reduction in my caffine and alcohol intake. I'm allowed to drink alcohol for two consecutive days of the week and none at all the rest of the time. I've cut out alcohol completely for five days and am not drinking very much on the other two. The combination of this and drinking more water in its place has made me feel far less sluggish in the mornings – I no longer feel like I've got a head stuffed with cotton wool when I get up. I'm still allowing myself a cup of tea in the morning and have found myself craving one at other times of the day. I never thought I'd be craving tea.