The Programme, week 3: Nutritionist's comments on Jessica

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Matt Lovell: Jess is feeling good on The Programme, has overcome the midmorning lull and feels in a positive mood at this time of the day. Her breakfast, two eggs and Marmite on toast, will of course be partly responsible for this, supplying as it does nice slow-release carbohydrates and healthy protein.

Getting Columbus omega 3 fatty acid enriched eggs makes this even more of a healthy start to the day. Combine this with a Benecol enriched spread and you really get the gold star from the nutritionist.

Jessica is still struggling to reduce tea and coffee consumption - one way around this is to have a cup of hot water (more satisfying than it sounds). Chinese green tea has plenty of other medicinal properties and still a little caffeine for that "fix" we sometimes require to overcome seasonal hangovers.

Alternative healthy treats such as home-made flapjacks and corn-based tortillas with guacamole, whilst not necessarily recommended as a mainstay staple, certainly beat most sugar sweets and confectionary on the market.

Main focus this week: moderate fat consumption is fine, and actually avocados, oily fish, olive oil, olives and raw unsalted nuts and seeds should be part of daily food consumption. Focus again on organic, particularly meats, dairy and offal if that's your thing.