The Programme, week 4: Nutritionist's comments on Jessica

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Matt Lovell: Along with much of the rest of the population, Jessica is going on a formal detox for the whole of January. Some people prefer February for this – it's a shorter month.

So once again, no booze or caffeine and doing some form of food exclusion work very well in order to give the system a rest. Avoiding wheat and bovine dairy is actually not at all difficult, and even if someone is not formally allergic or intolerant, following such a procedure increases their food vocabulary and thereby supplies a broader cross section of nutrients.

Good herbs to assist the detox process include garlic, ginger and turmeric. Also systemic detoxification can help through exercise and saunas – skin brushing and so on. One of the best books to look for when considering a wheat-free and dairy- (bovine) free diet is Cooking Without, by Barbara Cousins.