The Programme, week 5: Nutritionist's comments on Jessica

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Matt Lovell: Jessica is enjoying the detox, feeling the sluggishness which accompanies overindulgence melting away with each day.

We've taken this a step further for seven days by following a more formal exclusion diet. You can eat anything except gluten-containing foods, milk based products, tinned foods, red meats and margarines. These types of diet always need to be done under supervision. What you can eat is any poultry, lamb, all beans and pulses, milk substitutes such as rice or nut milks, all vegetables that grow above the ground, any non-gluten grain and all unrefined essential fats: olive oil, olives, raw nuts and seeds and oily fish.

Once seven days have been completed, we switch back into the real world – but incorporate some of the new recipes and ideas gained through the initial detox programme and elimination diet. There should remain an increased variety of grains and a higher percentage of fish and poultry compared to red meats. Trans and hydrogenated fats should have been eliminated, as they have no place in healthy physiology.