The Programme, week 6: Jessica's comments

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It's been quite a good week. I've been on the case and I'm feeling a lot fitter. Over Christmas I slacked on The Programme a little bit, but there's a general move towards getting fit in the new year and it has made it easier having that wagon to get on to.

It was almost like I was learning about The Programme before Christmas and now I'm really putting it into practice. I generally ache, but I'm enjoying the exercise a lot and it's an absolute luxury having Lynne to come round and help me.

The diet has been a problem because there's quite a lot of stuff we've been told not to eat and it's difficult to find variation within that outline. It gets repetitive, and that's a danger. I spoke to Matt, the nutritionist, about it this week and he has given me a load of new ideas and recipes. There are so many healthy foods I didn't even know about! I've been eating porridge for breakfast and stocking up on things like Quinoa Flakes.