The Programme, week 6: Simon Manley

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Simon: I've met my goals. But I'm not surprised – the first four weeks I worked hard. I've joined a gym now, but I needed the motivation of a personal trainer. I've also learnt some basic nutritional principles: cutting down the booze and drinking more water. I recommend The Programme to everyone.

Antony Haynes, nutritionist: Simon now eats a greater variety of healthier foods, drinks plenty of water and has reduced his caffeine and alcohol intake. These lessons Simon will take home. And, importantly, the experience wasn't "like being in a health farm". Well done.

Neil Price, trainer: Simon has more than met his goals (see statistics). He has increased his muscle tone, resulting in a leaner and fitter physique. Simon can maintain his fitness levels by keeping to a sensible diet and by training at high intensities once or twice per week. Another success.

The Programme begins again next week with parents Jo and Alex