The ultimate snack stadium

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The Super Bowl, an annual American football championship competition, takes place this Sunday, February 7 and millions will be crowded around their televisions watching the game, commercials and munching on snacks. In honor of this much-anticipated event, the guys at, an online entertainment community for men, constructed the world’s largest snack stadium.

This comical video shows step-by-step how this edible stadium creation was constructed with over 100,000 calories of junk food. describes their "munchie monument delight" as being packed with "100% of your daily value of awesomeness." 

Last year, a site for men and self-proclaimed "guyble" (a guy’s bible), also owned by Break Media, the parent company of, built what they claimed was the Biggest Snack Food Stadium. went after the title this year and although there are still a few days before the big game, Holy Taco has conceded to Maybe a non-Break media site will challenge the world’s ultimate snack stadium before Sunday, otherwise there is always next year.’s video:

HolyTaco’s documented defeat and scorecard with ingredient profile: