The Word On... The Apprentice, BBC1

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"Who do I complain to about there being an American contestant? Americans have their own 'Apprentice', with Donald Trump and his wonderful hair. This 'Apprentice' should be for long-term UK residents only – and how has she still got a work permit if she's quit her job anyway?" - neutrained,

"The egos are back, and they are bigger, brasher and, dare I say, more incompetent than ever... It seems as the years go by that the quality of candidates is deteriorating and it's becoming more like 'Big Brother' or any other downmarket reality TV show. Nevertheless, I still find it entertaining." - 15bytes.

"'The Apprentice' seems to have adopted the 'Big Brother' mantra of selecting candidates not for their worth but because of their oversized egos, unwarranted self-belief and willingness to stab each other in the back." - Ross Chainey,