They're small, but not insignificant

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Very Eighties, logos. This decade, they've shrunk to a

stylish daub on the upper chest. But if you must have a

T-shirt with a brand name, make it the right one. Adidas and Umbro won't do. And as for My-parents-went-to-

Wichita-and-all-I-got-was-this-lousy-T-shirt T-shirts ...

1. Eagle logo T-shirt by Emporio Armani, £25

Classic man's navy T-shirt from the Armani stable, you can tell this by the small but significant G A logo on the left breast. It also comes in grey. Available from Emporio Armani, 57 Long Acre, London WC2, and 111-112 New Bond Street, London W1

2. Zen Child by Simon Taylor, from £30

The sleeves are short, exposing yards of pectorals, thus only to be worn by those who have spent considerable time in the gym, desperately pumping iron in preparation for the summer. This seems an activity at odds with the relaxed message conveyed by the logo. Also the shirt seems too short, which may explain the label's success in Japan. Available by mail-order from Simon Taylor 0171-434 0955

3. Red wine T-shirt by Paul Smith Jeans, £39

Full glass on the front, empty glass on the back: a T-shirt for the legless, if not the armless. You may have to be drunk to spend almost £40 on this; the truly artful will buy four plain white shirts at the Gap and spill their own bordeaux on it. Available from Paul Smith Jeans, 9/11 Langley Court, London WC2

4. Tartan crown by Chipie, £25

An unusually discreet logo for Chipie, who generally adopt a more onanistic approach to their brand name. Big, baggy and thick, this is a Paul Gascoigne of a T-shirt, best worn before the workout required to fit into some of the more tailored rival marks. Available from Chipie, 3 Langley Court, London WC2 and stockists. For information call 0171-494 1240

5. Explorer T-shirt by Antoni & Alison, £25

Wearer beware. First major explorations should be along deodorant counter of local chemists. Perfect for all who consider they may be the male equivalent of 'The Body', la Elle Macpherson, but the rotund should steer clear, as should the nipple-pierced. Available from Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW1; Browns, 23-27 South Mouton Street, London W1; and Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1

6. Baker Lite T-shirt by Ted Baker, £19.99.

This is not advertising beer, but a subtle pun on the designer's name. Fortunately the shirt is not made from Bakelite, but from thick grey cotton with the logo emblazoned in turquoise. It is comfy and baggy, and importantly has a tight neck. Available from Harrods, Knightsbridge London SW1, and Thackerays, Wellingborough Road, Northampton, and branches of Ted Baker. For stockists call 0171-436 4104

Stylist: Melanie Rickey Photographer: Peter Macdiarmid