Third batch of FIFA World Cup tickets now available for purchase

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The third phase of ticketing sales for the FIFA World Cup 2010 has started, following the official group draw on Friday, December 4. Prices range from $20 to $160 for group matches, $70 to $450 for the opening match (South Africa vs Mexico, June 11 14:00 GMT), and $150 to $900 for the final a month later on July 11, 18:30 GMT.

Applications can be made via, either using an online form or by downloading or printing off a form which is then sent by post or by fax to the FIFA World Cup Ticketing Centre in Switzerland.

There is also a special arrangement possible for those who want to follow a particular team or selection of teams through the group stages, called the Team-Specific Ticket Series. These allow holders to follow their team through the group stage and, depending on the type of TST tickets bought, can watch either their team or the knockout round winners right through to the grand final on July 11.

Each of the 32 national football associations who are sending teams to the World Cup are also receiving a 12% allocation of the tickets for each group match.

The current phase of ticketing will last until January 22 and is different from other phases in that all correctly submitted applications received before the cut-off will be considered for an allocation of tickets. The fourth and final sales phases run from February 9 to April 7, and then 15 April right up until the end of the tournament on July 11, but will see any available tickets allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Up until the group draw, there had been a high uptake on available tickets, with over 90% of the 749,337 available tickets bought. FIFA released further details regarding ticketing uptake by nation: South Africans snapped up 48% of them, 11% went to purchasers in the USA, UK-based fans bought 6%, Germans 3%, Australians and Canadians 2%, with the Swiss, Japanese and Brazilian contingent each helping themselves to a 1% sliver of the ticketing pie so far.