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Henri-Lloyd Oilskins Ocean Jacket pounds 425 Ocean Trousers pounds 275
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Anybody who has ever been wet, cold and shivering at sea knows that it is not rain and spray that makes you really uncomfortable. It is sweat that turns the most waterproof of oilskins into clammy, clinging layers. Walkers and climbers have long had breathable Gore-Tex clothes, which let sweat out while stopping the water coming in. But the sheer toughness required for sailors has defeated the manufacturers until recently.

I'm now sailing in a lovely warm glow, with the "Ocean Jacket" and "Ocean Trouser" oilskins made from Gore-Tex by Henri-Lloyd (an English firm despite the Franco-Welsh name). They contain a microporous membrane that allows sweat out through pores that are 700 times larger than water vapour molecules.

Even though a Henri-Lloyd jacket is the garment of choice for Manchester Lads, including Oasis, these suits (in red, petrol blue, grey or gold) are designed for the Southern Ocean, though there is a badge boasting "Breathable - Gore-Tex" for those who want to impress other sailors, if only with the pricen

Ocean Jacket, pounds 425, and Ocean Trousers, pounds 275, both by Henri-Lloyd, available in sizes from XS to XL from Force Four, 30 Bressenden Place, Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1; Ship Mates, The Quay, Lymington, Hampshire and NW Sail Boat Centre, 5 Church Street, Eccles Manchester. For further enquiries call 0161 799 1212.

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