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Ride this

Ride this
From North America's frozen tundra comes the latest in extreme cycling. "Ice bike racing" is favoured by the brave riders of Minnesota, who created a Human Powered Vehicle Championship. Visit to see road bikes and recumbents (the ones you lie back on) compete. Ice bikes get racing names, too. And who wouldn't be intimidated by a man riding the "Gossamer Walrus"?

Try this
Why listen to one meathead grunt in the gym when you can listen to hundreds? Only an American could invent a fitness class called "Body Pump" and keep a straight face. Now "the fastest way to get in shape" has arrived in Britain. Converts use barbells to exercise every major muscle group, doing up to 100 light repetitions to "motivating music" (heavy rock). Classes provide routines for shaping and toning for all ages and fitness levels. Visit

Wear this
No need to weep about cold hands and feet when out and about this winter. SealSkinz are state-of-the-art waterproof gloves (from £22.50) and socks (from £19.99) that will keep digits cosy without compromising dexterity. Gloves fit close, and grip dots cover the palms, which is great for mountain biking and climbing. All SealSkinz products are lined with a "wicking" layer for comfort and socks come in three lengths, from ankle to mid-calf. For your nearest stockist, visit

Visit this
For racing with a difference, trot along to one of the UK's five harness racing circuits. "Trotting" combines technique with high speed, as horses maintain a "non-galloping gait" around the track. With "drivers" pulled on carts known as "sulkies" the action is fast and furious – the UK All-Track mile record is 1min 55.7sec. Races most weekends. Contact the British Harness Racing Club on 01405 766 877, or visit

Pitch this
Don't be the expedition donkey next time you're hiking. Instead, pack a GoLite shelter in your rucksack. Made from space-age silicone fabric, these trekking canopies weigh in at a featherlight 500g and their ground-breaking "wet out" technology means they won't gain weight, even when they are exposed to moisture. The manufacturers also include a tube of 100 per cent silicone to allow you to waterproof any leaky seams each time you use the shelter. For more information, visit

Surf this, the official online shop of the Extreme Sports Channel, sells just about every accessory an adrenalin junkie could wish for. Catering mainly for the snow, surf, BMX, and skate markets, the site has a handy "bargains" link, as well as a selection of clothing and equipment (the site is linked to ESC's main site.