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Visit thisIf you're down Mexico way next month, check out the 2001 Triathlon World Cup Final in Cancun. British interests will be represented by the up-and-coming Andrew Johns and Tim Don. The first prize is $60,000, but places are reserved for the best of the best, and are strictly invitation only. If your name's not down, you won't get to swim. Or cycle or run. For details, visit

Kick this
Make a splash by giving your workout the chop. Aqua Combat is the latest, latest thing in trendy exercise classes and involves kick-boxing and karate moves to music in a pool. The routines offer a rigorous aerobic workout, the water offers support when performing moves that might strain knees and elbows, and the resistance helps trim and tone the body. Available at selected Holmes Place health clubs; for details, call 020 7795 4100.

Skate this
Snowboarders can now get 'street' all year round with the Flowlab 'Deep Carve' skateboard. Unlike the four wheels of conventional boards, the Deep Carve runs on 14 inline skate wheels, fixed to curved axles front and rear. Allowing the rider to corner at angles of up to 45 degrees, the Deep Carve makes hard pavements feel like perfect powder, and the seven-ply maple deck offers the strength and flexibility to perform all your phattest moves. Visit

Swing this
Get in the swing with a Victorian fitness regime. Used by the British army during the Raj, weighted Indian clubs were swung to improve coordination and develop muscles in the shoulders, arms and back. Now they are making an unlikely comeback among martial arts enthusiasts in America. Clubs resemble bowling pins and weigh from 2kg to 20kg. Today's swingers use similar to those performed in the gym, such as bicep curls and shoulder presses. Visit

Use this
If you're planning to jog into a battle zone, the PMAK (Protective Mask Adapter Kit) is the hydration system for you. Offering more than just a drink on the run according to manufacturers CamelBak, the PMAK allows you the 'flexibility to train in a non-lethal gas environment' by attaching a breathing filter to any standard CamelBak water bag. Features include a Big Bite Valve and quick-release fittings, all stored in a robust, ergonomic backpack. For more details, visit

Surf this
'Get extreme' runs this adrenaline-sport site's catchline. Which – with the help of a lot of exclamation marks – is exactly what 'Adventure Time' helps you to do. Currently, there are features on white-water rafting in West Virginia and flowboarding (that's surfing artificial waves), as well as an adrenaline-junkies' lonely-hearts page. A bit rough round the edges, but fun: