Upcoming events in Copenhagen in 2010

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As the countdown winds down to the UN climate conference set to start on Monday, the Danish capital will host  a range of other events in 2010 in the domains of fashion, design, art, gastronomy and the national sport: cycling.

Copenhagen Fashion Week
February 10 - 14

Denmark presents the biggest fashion event in Scandinavia during the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Running parallel with the trade-only fashion fairs are the open-to-the public fashion events Copenhagen Fashion Weekend, where fashionistas and shoppers alike can share the fashion vibe.

Cycling: UCI Track World Championships 
March 24 - 28

Copenhagen has a long cycling tradition, and few nations in the world use the bike for transportation like the Danes. One of the City of Copenhagen's official goals is that at least 50% of the inhabitants bike to work. In such a context, the cycling track world championships organized in Ballerup Super Arena should get a lot of attention in the capital in 2010.

Copenhagen Architecture and Design days
May 6 - 9

Danish design has become a household word and design icons from the 1950s - 60s are considered modern classics. The festival CphADD focuses on modern and classical architecture in Copenhagen. The festival is for everyone who is interested in unique places and spaces.

Copenhagen Cooking - The Nordic Food Festival
August 20 - 29

Launched in 2005, this food festival is a tribute to the Nordic kitchen and food traditions, and also offers tastings of international food and drinks, wine tastings...

Kopenhagen Contemporary
September (days to be announced)

This contemporary art event involves selected galleries, exhibition halls and museums in Copenhagen. It offers a wide range of free events to the art-interested public, to demonstrate the qualities and international potential of the local art scene. Exhibition openings, guided tours, lectures and artists' talks are all on the programme.