Video shows amazing rescue of Chinese boy buried in gravel

The boy had fallen into the hole as he played in the yard of a brick and cement factory in south China

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A young boy in China was saved from being suffocated underneath a pile of gravel in a heart-stopping rescue bid.

The incident took place near a cement and brick factory in the south Chinese city Chongzuo, when the three-year-old fell into the gravel-filled hole as he played with friends.

The boy soon became buried as gravel poured into the hole and on top of him.

The boy's parents and workers from the factory made initial attempts to try and rescue the boy but the sliding gravel disrupted their digging efforts.

There were fears that the boy could have suffocated, with only the top of his head not being visible for long periods of time.

Rescue workers eventually reached the boy and used concrete boards to block the falling gravel.

After 30 minutes of digging, the rescue workers were eventually able to pull the boy out.

The video of the rescue shows the boy then being carried to an ambulance where medical workers were able to administer CPR.

Local reports said that the boy was then taken to a nearby hospital for further treatment.