Videojug's most popular sports tutorials

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"How To Fight A Bear" was prominent on the previous Tuesday's chart but by January 26 dropped out to make way for more conventionally focused sporting activities. Golfing technique is still of prime importance to the average video viewer, but last week's urgency concerning the banishment of love handles has developed into the study of abdominal exercise and muscle mass.

Golfing teacher Rickard Strongert's series of technique tips continue to make up half of the top 10 thanks to links from many golfing websites and discussion forums. His grip on the top 5 is broken by "How To Get Rid Of Love Handles," one of VideoJug's older but most consistently popular guides.

"How To Get A Six Pack Working Out At Home" details seven variations on the abdominal crunch exercises that target distinct muscle groups throughout the region. "Ripped Abs Using 2 Towels" is a fun variation, requiring nothing extra beyond a smooth floor and a wall.

The creator of "2 Towels" ousts last week's "How To Get A Flat Stomach" with his take on stealthy low-tech strength building in "How To Get A Flat Stomach In Under 9 Minutes" that can be practised anywhere, at anytime.

The VideoJug staffers' perennial ..Without Weights series was last week represented by "How To Exercise Your Thighs..", this week with a quick five-minute coaching session on three press-up styles that tone and build chest muscles.

1) How To Perform The Perfect Golf Swing • Total views: 1,695,288

2) Golf: How To Hit Long And Straight Drives • Total views: 532,976

3) How To Get Rid Of Love Handles • Total views: 246,981

4) Golf: Swing Instead Of Hit • Total views: 460,591

5) Golf: How To Improve Your Chipping Technique • Total views: 311,936

6) How To Get A Six Pack Working Out At Home • Total views: 90,080

7) How To Get Ripped Abs Using 2 Towels • Total views: 13,965

8) How To Get A Flat Stomach In Under 9 Minutes • Total views: 249,643

9) How To Build Muscle • Total views: 116,020

10) How To Exercise Your Chest Without Using Weights • Total views: 114,160