Videojug's most popular sports tutorials

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This weeks' top five most popular videos remain unchanged from the previous week, enduring as the topics of golfing and middle-aged spread are among users of the site, but the topics of Pilates and arm-wrestling mount a strong challenge.

Two excerpts from Videojug's series on the Pilates technique appear. The site's balance ball workout has been wavering outside the top 10 for the last few weeks and today finds itself as the 8th most viewed sports tutorial. The core strength workout focuses on abdominals, deep lower back muscles, and the pelvic floor.

It's the abdominal-focused Pilates session that storms the charts though (or at least half of the chart), with low-impact body-conscious exercises designed to stretch and tone stomach muscles without adding pounds.

Elsewhere, arm wrestling undergoes a resurgence. Videojug director James Lamont, looking like Jack Black doing an impression of a Wolverine, is taken under the wing of world no. 3 Steve Curlew at the Milton Keynes Arm Wrestling Federation. The video contains key tips on how to avoid critical wrist injuries whilst gaining the upper hand.

1) How To Perform The Perfect Golf Swing - Total views: 1,701,887

2) Golf: How To Hit Long And Straight Drives - Total views: 535,387

3) How To Get Rid Of Love Handles - Total views: 249,379

4) Golf: Swing Instead Of Hit - Total views: 462,521

5) Golf: How To Improve Your Chipping Technique - Total views: 313,853

6) Pilates: How To Achieve Great Abdominals - Total views: 306,060

7) How To Win At Armwrestling - Total views: 88,782

8) Pilates: Balance Ball Workout - Total views: 115,920

9) How To Exercise Your Chest Without Using Weights - Total views: 115,452

10) How To Get A Six Pack Working Out At Home - Total views: 91,618