Videojug's most popular sports tutorials

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Budding sports stars were using VideoJug to lose the flab and improve their technique on the fairway as golfing tutorials proved the most popular how-to videos of the day on Tuesday, January 19.

Golfing teacher Rickard Strongert's series of video tutorials on golf technique have been linked to by many a golfing website, including Today's Golfer magazine of Britain, and dedicated golf video site GolfXTZ. His most successful instructional on perfecting a golf swing is followed by advice on long drives and chip shots.

Elsewhere, learners seek knowledge on cutting the flab - losing love handles, flattening stomachs, and, for the multitaskers, how to increase abominal definition with the use of two towels and a smooth floor, and one of VideoJug's classic guides: how to take on a bear and win.

1) How To Perform The Perfect Golf Swing • Total views: 1,689,283

2) Golf: How To Hit Long And Straight Drives • Total views: 530,525

3) Golf: Swing Instead Of Hit • Total views: 458,460

4) Golf: How To Improve Your Chipping Technique • Total views: 310,359

5) How To Get A Flat Stomach • Total views: 159,448

6) How To Fight A Bear • Total views: 143,105

7) How To Get Rid Of Love Handles • Total views: 244,515

8) Pilates: Balance Ball Workout • Total views: 113,088

9) How To Get Ripped Abs Using 2 Towels • Total views: 12,089

10) How To Exercise Your Thighs Without Weights • Total views: 109,769