Videojug's most popular sports tutorials: golf, muscle, Pilates

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Most popular sports tutorials at Videojug cover golfing technique, the replacement of fat with muscle, and using low-impact Pilates techniques.

"How To Get A Six Pack Working Out At Home" requires no extra equipment but is otherwise a fairly intense workout designed to give a serious boost to core strength. Last week it was in 10th place but this week manages to break golfing's iron grip on the top five.

Ex-professional golfer Richard Strongert explains the most common mistakes that lead to a bad golf swing. The knock-on effects of an incorrect stance, grip, posture and aim are all given a good seeing-to.

The most viewed Videojug sports videos on Tuesday February 9, 4 PM GMT:

1) How To Perform The Perfect Golf Swing - Total views: 1,708,325

2) How To Get Rid Of Love Handles - Total views: 252,127

3) Golf: How To Hit Long And Straight Drives - Total views: 537,519

4) Golf: How To Improve Your Chipping Technique - Total views: 315,828

5) How To Get A Six Pack Working Out At Home - Total views: 93,560

6) Golf: Swing Instead Of Hit - Total views: 454,243

7) Pilates: Balance Ball Workout - Total views: 117,450

8) How To Exercise Your Chest Without Using Weights - Total views: 116,893

9) How To Get Ripped Abs Using 2 Towels - Total views: 16,428

10) Golf: Common Mistakes At Set-Up - Total views: 188,213