Weekly Gawkk's most popular sports videos: Letterman, Leno, Oprah

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The most popular sports videos on aggregation site Gawkk this week include a secretly recorded commercial that aired during the Super Bowl game, some incredible unsighted amateur basketball shots, and reports on surfers who suffered shark attacks with different outcomes.

The top 10 most popular Gawkk sports videos on Tuesday, February 9 at 4 PM GMT

1) Secret Super Bowl Ad Featuring Letterman, Leno & Oprah - Total views: 469,862
The half-time commercial for David Letterman's late night talk show that broadcast during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7. Letterman supports the Indianapolis Colts, one of the competition's finalists, and had previously appeared in a commercial during the 2007 Super Bowl, again with Oprah Winfrey.
Source: YouTube.com via Breitbart TV

2) Passenger High on Pot "Messed With Wrong Flight Attendant" - Total Views: undisclosed
An air stewardess talks about using her black belt Taekwondo training to restrain a passenger who was reacting to the adverse effects of his medicinal marijuana.
Source: NBC San Diego via Breitbart TV

3) Russian Men Jump From Five-Story Roof Into Snow Drifts - Total views: 17,126
The TV network Russia Today obtained this candid footage of a couple of men in snow-covered Magadan on the east coast of Russia. The police, however, were not impressed by their homebrew version of base jumping.
Source: YouTube via Breitbart TV

4) Kiteboard Surfer Killed by Sharks in Florida - Total views: undisclosed
Surf shop owner Teague Taylor remembers his friend Steve Schafer, a well-loved local, who died in a shock shark encounter off the Martin County, Florida coastline. It was the first fatal shark attack in the area on record.
Source: TCPalm via Breitbart TV

5) Teen Fights Off Shark With Boogie Board - Total views: 2,786
News report on a New Zealand teenager who fended off a dangerously inquisitive shark by hitting it with her miniature surfboard. The last shark attack at the beach was over a decade ago.
Source: YouTube.com

6) World Record Kick to the Groin on Sports Science - Total views: 59,772
Kirby Roy, a martial arts expert, takes a powerful kick to the groin from 6ft8in muscle machine Jesse "Justice" Smith. "That was a very strong, direct kick", says Kirby in a relaxed chat after the 22mph, 1,100lbs force kick is delivered, "the impact of it was tremendous".
Source: YouTube.com

7) Reporter Makes Backwards Half Court Shot - Total views: 739,953
A TV journalist reports on a high school sports coach who sank a half-court shot blindfolded (see video 4). As part of the lead-in to the original clip, he hurls a basketball, backwards, towards the net. Hear his colleagues gasp as it goes in.
Source: Break.com

8) Uproar Escalates Over Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad - Total views: undisclosed
Talk show host Bill O'Reilly discusses an advert due to air during the XLIV Super Bowl that highlights abortion issues. CBS approved the commercial despite its controversial nature and their previous policy of refusing such content.
Source: Fox News via Breitbart TV

9) Blindfolded Half Court Shot Prank Fails - Total views: 276,821
Students at Kansas' Olathe Northwest High School emulate a famous prank from the College Humor's Prank Wars series ("Prank Wars 7 - The Half Court Shot"), blindfolding their coach and science teacher Joel Branstrom and telling him he'd get tickets to the NCAA finals if he made the shot. They were planning to cheer, making him think he'd made the shot - but then he really did.
Source: Break.com

10) Colts Top Jets for Super Bowl Berth - Total views: 2,257
A news recap summarizing the Indianapolis Colts' winning semi-final against the New York Jets, securing themselves a place at the XLIV Super Bowl final on February 7. The Colts' quarterback, Peyton Manning, threw a total 377 yards of successful passes, making him the first NFL player to do so in seven post-season games.
Source: YouTube.com