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The most viewed step-by-step guides in the sports section of how-to website Instructables cover swimming, toning, and muscle building; pedometer repair, bicycle theft protection, and staying warm during a cold outdoor night; transforming a lawn mower into a racer, turning a piece of paper into a gliding aeroplane, constructing an air hockey table, and converting a bicycle pump into an airgun.

On Wednesday, January 27, the ten most viewed sports-themed instructionals were:

1) How to make a racing lawn mower - 118,671 total views
Stripping down and setting up a ride-on lawn mower to take it from sedate gardening tool to mean racing machine in 12 steps, including frame reinforcement, brake, steering, and transmission upgrades, not forgetting to remove the mower blades before the project's complete.

2) How To End Bike Theft: The Honeybike Project - 79,2964 total views
Using a pay-as-you-go mobile phone, a stun gun, and a discarded water bottle, a canny inventor finds a way to track stolen bicycles and even electrify them by connecting the phone's vibration function and a few extra bits and bobs.

3) How to Swim Freestyle. - 74,235 total views
This video comes from an experienced childrens' swimming instructor and incorporates breathing technique, arm and hand movement, as well as some basic exercises to increase comfort in the water.

4) Replace battery in Nike+ sensor for under $5 - 73,612 total views
A cheap and easy repair for the pedometer part of the Nike+iPod Sports Kit, which measures speed and distance of a run or walk. Using a coin-shaped button cell battery, a screwdriver and a sharp knife, the device is ready to go again for 25% of the official repair charge.

5) Sleep Warm Anywhere - 68,737 total views
Some basic steps to make the most of spending a night under the stars - preferably with the aid of a tent, a few accessories, and some key items of clothing. As ever, each step has a lively comments thread full of alternative ideas and debate.

6) How to get six pack abs - 66,119 total views
A list of gut-busting drills that, when applied for 7 minutes a day, ensure a toned abdomen. The muscle burn sensation given by each exercise is measured on a five point scale and difficulty equated to the hotness of different chili peppers.

7) DIY Air Hockey Table - 58,585 total views
A full-size 8ft (244cm) air hockey table awaits those who follow this Instructable that makes use of whitewood, scrap wood, chipboard and MDF with a leaf blower or vacuum cleaner powering the table once constructed.

8) Paper Airplane Walkalong Glider - 51,959 total views
Walkalong gliders travel at a slower speed and for a longer distance than the more common paper aeroplane design. A series of videos, including advice on optimal weather conditions, takes learners through the papercraft required for a successful flight.

9) Airgun with eXplosive air-Release Valve - 49,773 total views
Combining a bicycle pump and a blowpipe to devastating effect, with the aid of a selection of worktools and a good bit of metalwork, this tutorial includes detailed instruction on the most complicated part of the job: making an efficient and customized air release valve. Goggles required!

10) How to Bulk Up - 46,027 total views
Adding muscle mass without the use of special supplements, drinks, or pills can be tricky, but this guide shows how to do it by fusing natural nutritional know-how with three essential body weight exercises: push-ups, dips, and pull-ups.