Weekly online travel review: most popular booking sites and airlines

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Expedia is the most popular travel booking website in the US this week, according to data from Experian Hitwise.

The ranking of overall traffic to travel-related (non-mapping) websites suggests that Expedia is the most popular booking website overall whilst competitors Travelocity and Priceline.com take third and fourth place respectively.

Southwest is the most popular airline site and second most popular site overall, accounting for 2.36 percent of web traffic measured by Hitwise. Delta, in ninth place, and American Airlines in tenth just scrape into the top ten.

"Mapquest" was the most popular travel-related search term in the US, according to Hitwise. In Singapore, budget Asian airline "Tiger airways" was the most popular query, followed by competitor "JetStar". "Singapore Airlines" and "Air Asia" took third and fourth places respectively.

In Australia, "Spirit of Tasmania" was the most popular cruise search term, beating "Princess Cruises" and "P&O Cruises" which were in second and third places. The Spirit of Tasmania service sails nightly from Melbourne to Tasmania from AUD $95 (€60).

The most popular travel websites in the US
Data from Experian Hitwise for week ending January 23, mapping websites excluded

1. Expedia 3.50%
2. Southwest Airlines 2.36%
3. Travelocity 2.04%
4. Priceline.com 1.72%
5. TripAdvisor 1.63%
6. Orbitz 1.56%
7. Yahoo! Travel 1.21%
8. Hotwire 1.09%
9. Delta Air Lines 1.06%
10. American Airlines 0.89%

This report shows websites for the travel industry, ranked by percentage of visits for the week ending January 23.

Website http://www.hitwise.com