Weekly top iPhone apps: camping and trekking

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Five applications that will enhance your experience in the wild.

MyNature Animal Tracks
MyNature Animal Tracks will help you track and identify any animals you see (or don't see) on your wilderness adventure. Using the app you will be able to identify up to 43 North American animals – from a large angry bear to a tiny little weasel. The app gives detailed information about all aspects of the animal's characteristics, from the size and shape of their paw print to audio recordings of their call or cry.
Price: $6.99

Star Walk
Star Walk is part entertainment, part informative star-gazing application. This beautiful-looking app is a star gazer's dream. It will help you discover the names and appearance of common constellations and provides stunning photographic images of night sky highlights such as the Milky Way, the planets and thousands of stars. Putting the application into the Digital Compass mode will turn your iPhone (3GS only) into an augmented reality star-spotter.
Price: $2.99

EveryTrail is a travel guide and GPS tracking app that helps you create an interactive map of your walking, biking, hiking, driving, sailing or skiing trip. It combines GPS navigation with social networking and blogging – so everyone can be involved in your adventures. You can choose to create your own personal and unique trail or follow one of over 200,000 user-submitted tracks which include a wealth of travel advice, handy tips and helpful suggestions. Plot pictures captured on your iPhone during your trip instantly and view constantly updated statistics of your journey on the go.
Price: Free

Camp & Hike Checklist
Camp & Hike Checklist will help you remember to pack all the items you could possibly need while you are out and about on your next trip. The app suggests a set of pre-defined packing items according to the type of trip you are planing on or lets you create your own list from scratch. The checklist is a comprehensive packing guide, reminding you to inform your family and friends of your planned route and making packing suggestions such as bringing along a first-aid kit. 
Price: $0.99

MotionX GPS tracker is a GPS application geared towards outdoor types who like to trek, bike, walk and partake in other activities. Users can track their progress via GPS as the application pinpoints their course on- and off-road. As well as tracking your location over time, the application also keeps a record of your average speed, top distance, minimum and maximum altitudes and can geotag any photos you might have captured along the way. Once your course is completed the information can be transferred to your computer or uploaded to social networking sites for later reference (or boasting rights).  MotionX uses Fullpower's motion technology platform which provides the app the same accuracy you would expect from a dedicated GPS device.
Price: $2.99