Weekly YouTube's most popular sports videos

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The most popular sports videos of the week as viewed on YouTube on February 9, including a sublime backheel from Spanish footballer Guti Hernández, a parody of celebrity behavior, and some bombastic televised wrestling.

1) Heidi Montag Super Bowl Announcement - Total views: 1,079,545
A spoof on reality TV and pop star Heidi Montag's predilection for plastic surgery with the announcement that an upcoming procedure could transform her into the next Super Bowl football.

2) WWE RAW 2/1/10 PART 1 (HQ) - Total views: 644,434
Swaggering hard man Edge talks up his Wrestlemania chances, but is rudely interrupted by WWE champ Sheamus.

3) 0-2 Guti Deportivo v Real Madrid (assist of the season) - Total views: 553,535
Lifelong Real Madrid player Guti shuns the chance to lob Deportivo's goalkeeper, instead pulling off a spectacular backheel to provide Karim Benzema with the first goal of the game.

4) NBA bloopers: Rudy Gay's Funny Mistake - Total views 505,910
Memphis Grizzlies player Rudy Gay misreads the court clock and goes for a long shot with a full seven seconds remaining in the first quarter, leading to an easy 3-point counter attack for the Lakers. Fortunately, the Grizzlies went on to win 95-93.

5) Amin Motavassel Zadeh- Fairplay - Total views: 412,062
Striker Amin Zadeh of the Iranian Pro League team Steel Azin shows good faith after a clash between goalkeeper and teammate presents Zadeh with an open goal.

6) Monta Ellis over the backboard and one shot - Total views: 264,980
A cocky shot from basketball player Monta Ellis of the Golden State Warriors sees the ball loop from behind the backboard and into the net. Swish!

7) Kevin Durant blocks Aaron Afflalo with only 1 shoe on - Total views: 250,457
Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team shows dedication to the cause. His shoe comes off but that doesn't stop hip from swatting out a shot attempt by the Denver Nuggets.

8) WWE Royal Rumble 2010 last part - Edge wins - Total views: 447,222
The closing minutes of this year's WWE Royal Rumble. No prizes for guessing who came out top, but whether the match was rigged is a discussion for another time.

9) WWE RAW 2/1/10 PART 2 (HQ) - Total views: 259,472
The second part of an impromptu tussle between WWE Champion Sheamus and Royal Rumble winner Edge.

10) Shaun White Crash at Winter X Games 2010 - Total views: 275,432
During a practice session for the Winter X Games, Shaun mistimes a landing and bounces his head off the snowboard superpipe lip. Both helmet and goggles fly off from the force of impact - Shaun went on to win Gold in the event.

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