Wines of the Week:<br></br> 2000 Bordeaux Blanc de Ginestet<br></br>2000 Syrah, Viña Morande

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White: 2000 Bordeaux Blanc de Ginestet, £4.99, Sainsbury's

This dry white is a good example of a change in attitude and style in Bordeaux towards whites with more flesh and flavour. There's lots of smokiness and a plush carpet of spicy Graves-style oak in this New World wine-drinker's white Bordeaux. Try it with potted shrimps or pan-fried scallops with a twist of lime.

Red: 2000 Syrah, Viña Morande, £4.79, Safeway

Pablo Morande, pioneer of the cool Casablanca Valley in 1982, now makes a wide range of wines from Chile, including this juicy, gluggy syrah from the Maipo Valley, with its ripe, brambly fruit and almost chocolatey sweetness. An uncomplicated quaffing red for pasta with puttanesca or, if you want something less fiery, a classic Bolognese.