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1999 Terra Viva Organic Soave, £4.49, Tesco

This makes a refreshing change from thebog-standard stuff that passes for soave. This zingily fresh, Venetian dry white with its undertones of pears is madeby the Fasoli Gino wineryfrom a blend of organic grapes. It's fine as an apéritif orwith a carbonara orvongole-style sauce.


1999 Elsa's Barbera, Valentin Bianchi, £2.99, Co-op

Specially reduced at theCo-op this week, this gutsy little Argentinian number delivers the kind of robustly ripe fruitiness you usuallyhope for in a beaujolais, but with an extra ruggedness that will take strong pizza flavourings such as pepperoni, anchovy or olive.