World Expo numbers increasing, say organizers

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The number of visitors to the World Expo at Shanghai has hit a new high, the organizers said June 15.

According to authorities, 546,700 people had entered the park by 8PM on June 15, breaking the record of 524,900 visitors on June 5.

China has just finished the three-day Dragon Boat Festival public holiday, which is believed to have brought more people into the park.

The first days of the enormous exhibition were marked by low attendance, with only 207,000 people visiting the grounds on the first day, but organizers expect an average of 400,000 - 450,000 visitors every day this month, a total of 12 million by the end of June.

Over 8 million had already visited by the end of the first month, after authorities acted quickly to install benches and sunshades following criticism from visitors.

Food prices were also reduced, with organizers bringing down the average cost of meals to 38 yuan (€4.52).