Worn by the Bay City Rollers. Not

Tartan trews have come a long way since 1974. Some of them are even flattering. And you don't need a feather-cut to complete the look
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1: Nigel Hall £65 Blue-, pink- and yellow-check trousers. These colour combinations are not for the faint-hearted but the trousers are a good shape, giving a long, lean appearance. The fabric is a lightweight cotton: cool when the heat is on. For being both fun and well made, these are the star buy. From Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London SW3

2: Paul Smith £55 It is hard to believe that these are seriously meant as outdoor wear. They look like a pair of outgrown schoolboy pyjamas, as they are croppped above the ankle. It would take a scorcher of a summer or a lot of sangria to entice the British male out in these. Available from Paul Smith Jeans, 9-11 Langley Court, London WC2 and Autograph, 15 Ether Street, Birmingham. Inquiries on 0171-379 7133

3: Brian Clarke £120 Maroon and bottle-green trousers. Can be bought as part of a suit set. These are quite formal, they could be worn as serious attire if required. The pocket detail gives them a hand crafted appeal. The only criticism being they are quite a close cut, so those with a generous behind, beware. Avaible from Brian Clarke Menswear, 2 Ganton Street, London W1. Inquiries on 0171-439 2606

4: Stussy £70 Blue-and-white drawstring pants. These have a streetwear look, and will appeal to the label-conscious man. Would look at home on the hippest surfer or skateborder, but in fact they are so comfortable that their appeal should be universal. From American Classics, 398-400 Kings Road, London SW10 and Sheep, 70 Tib Street, Manchester. Inquiries on 0171-224 2656

5: Worx £55. Available in red, yellow or blue, set against black, but be warned: these colours are bright. The trousers have more of a jeans fit, which makes them harder-wearing as well as keeping them from being too outlandish. Very slimming. From Way In at Harrods, Brompton Road, London SW3