YouTube's sports videos of the week: Basketball shot sunk from the floor

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The most popular sports videos of week as viewed on YouTube at 16:30 GMT, Tuesday March 2, include a long and strong basketball shot, footage from Real Madrid vs Villarreal, and an unwise tackle in the Major Indoor Soccer League.

1) Vince Carter hits a 86-foot shot sitting down - 761,721 total views
Vincent Carter, who plays as a shooting guard and small forward for the Orlando Magic, hurls a basketball whilst sat down in the free throw lane at one end of a training court, and watches it sink into the basket at the other.

2) Foul criminal de Sagú (Baltimore Blast) - 492,273 total views
A two-footed flying tackle by the goalkeeper of the Baltimore Blast against Yotsi Martínez of the Monterrey La Raza during a Major Indoor Soccer League match on February 19. Players, coaching staff and officials attempt to diffuse tensions as goalkeeper Sagú takes two minutes to leave the pitch after being shown the red card.

3) Real Madrid VS Villareal 2010 [6-2] - 531,491 total views
Nine minutes of footage from the February 21 La Liga match between title challengers Real Madrid and mid-table Villareal at the Bernabéu. Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso bookended
Real's scoring, sandwiching two goals each from Higuaín and Kaka. Senna and Nilmar netted for the visitors.

4) Real Madrid vs Villarreal 6-2 [21/02/10] - 497,400 total views
A seven minute recap of goalscoring action from the Bernabéu includes Ronaldo's opening free kick, Kaka's penalty, Higuaín escaping his markers to slot home crosses from both Ronaldo and Marcelo, Ronaldo setting up Kaka, and Alonso's penalty. On Villareal's part, there is a glorious free kick from Marcos Senna and a consolation from Nilmar.

5) Micutul Giuliano Stroe doboara un record mondial! - 430,327 total views
Five-year-old Romanian bodybuilder Giulano Stroe sets a world record, under the guidance of his father Iulian, for a TV audience by performing twenty consecutive planche push-ups, keeping his feet off the ground at all times.

6) Um crime! - 310,448 total views
A short clip with two replays of Sagú's two-footed challenge on Martínez during the Major Indoor Soccer League match between the Baltimore Blast and Monterrey La Raza on Friday February 19.

7) Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir: Gold Medal Moment - 298,541 total views
Footage of Tessa and Scott's Winter Olympic winning ice dance routine. The pair, now aged 20 and 22 respectively, have been skating together since 1997. Having come up through the ranks in Canadian and international circles, they clinched gold to become both the first North Americans and the youngest dance team to win at the Olympics.

8) Killer whale kills trainer at Orlando's Sea World - 293,288 total views
A tribute to orca trainer Dawn Brancheau who sadly passed away after one of SeaWorld Orlando's killer whales, Tilikum, reacted badly to a standard rubdown after one of the centre's public performances. No footage of the incident in question is included.

9) Sven Kramer gediskwalificeerd op de 10000 M - 242,481 total views
Photos of the Dutch speedskater Sven Kramer who set a new Olympic record in Vancouver in the finals of both the 5,000 and 10,000 meter races. Unfortunately, a lane change infringement led to his eventual disqualification in the 10,000 meter discipline.

10) Real Madrid vs Villarreal 6-2 - 269,895 total views
More clips from the February 21 match between Real Madrid and Villarreal, this time with significant visual lag but added German commentary. The user receives two MSN instant messages during the course of video capture.