Indyplus questions: How exactly do you pronounce the Manchester United youngster's surname correctly?

The Manchester United winger stole the headlines on Saturday with his two goals against Sunderland, but there has been some debate on the pronunciation of his surname

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The Manchester United winger who’s on everyone’s lips: But how do you pronounce Adnan Januzaj?

After bursting onto the scene for United with two goals in the weekend victory over Sunderland, Januzaj is being touted as the next big thing at Old Trafford.

But as he became the talk of the Premier League, there seemed to be some confusion over how to actually pronounce the Belgian born forward’s name, who inherited his exotic surname from his Kosovo-Albanian parents.

We assume that the majority are not having difficulty with Adnan, but his surname if a bit of a tricky matter. With some going for Jan-oo-zaj, and others preferring Yan-ya-zii, it seems the pronunciation is proving a difficult one to handle.

Joe Kinnear probably went with Jezabel.

But were any of them right? We spoke to Manchester United earlier today who gave us the right pronunciation. This is how you say Januzaj – Yan-a-zii – and it could very well turn out to be a name to remember, as long as United can hold onto him with the two parties currently locked in contract negotiations.