Man of deals: products linked to ‘Man of Steel’


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Warner Bros has lined up almost 100 promotional partners for their new summer blockbuster ‘Man of Steel’. Keep reading to see some of the tie-ins that have been signed up.

Walmart: The supermarket chain are selling tickets for screenings through their stores promising those that purchase that they will be the first to see the film, as well as customers being able to be the first to order the film on Blu-ray and DVD.

Gillette: The shaving brand have created the #HowDoesHeShave campaign, featuring videos of celebrities putting forward theories about how the man in tights get rid of his stubble. Several people have posted on social media that the mystery may have been solved in the comic books however, with Superman using his heat ray and bouncing it off a mirror.

Warby Parker: The eye-wear have produced two new frames, the ‘Percey’ and the ‘Chamberlain’ (for both men and women) as part of a ‘Warby Parker x Man of Steel’ range, allowing for fans to release their inner-Clark Kent. A set proportion of the money from the purchase of the frames will be given to charity.

Nokia: The Lumia 925 features briefly in the film, with a tie-in on their website. There is also the ‘Man of Steel’ app that is being offered to Lumia owners offering extra film-based content.

Chrysler: The car manufacturer is offering the chance for UK customers to win a one-off ‘Man of Steel’ version of a model of their S-series cars.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s: The American buger chains are offering the ‘Super Bacon Cheeseburger’ which involves six strips of bacon for those on the other side of the Atlantic.