The Apprentice 2013 final: the cockiest ever quotes from past and present candidates


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In the lead up to all-female Apprentice final, baking entrepreneur Luisa Zissman has described her opponent Leah Totton as her ‘bestie’, claiming that there’s no-one she’d rather be up against.

But if there’s one thing Apprentice candidates are not known for, it’s their affability and humility.

Here are some of the best brags from all nine series…

“I have the energy of a Duracell bunny, the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit, and a brain like Einstein.” – Luisa Zissman, Series 9

“[I lied] to get someone else’s husband because I wanted him. I give myself 8 out of 10 for ruthlessness for that one.” – Katie Hopkins, Series 3

“There are two types of people in the world: Winners and... I don't know how to say the word, I can't say it” - Ian Stringer, Series 4

“I’m not a one-trick pony, I’m not a 10-trick pony, I’m a whole field of ponies – and they’re literally all running towards this job.” – Stuart Baggs, Series 6

“I'm like a shark, right at the top of the food chain. I take what I want, when I want. I truly am the reflection of perfection.” – Ricky Martin, Series 8

“Fresh Viagra? I don’t need any of that, I’m from Wales!” – Alex Mills, Series 9

“My first word wasn't mummy, it was money” - Shibby Robati, Series 6

“I think outside the box. If I was an apple pie, the apples inside me would be oranges.” – Alex, Series 6

“As a salesperson, I would rate myself as probably the best in Europe.” – Jennifer Maguire, Series 4

“My positive approach and very good looks make me stand out from the crowd.” – Vincent Disneur, Series 7 

“Some people may come to this process with a gameplan. I just feel my effortless superiority will take me all the way.” – Jason Leech, Series 9

“I can taste success in my spit when I wake up” – James McQuillan, Series 5

And finally, misunderstanding the nature of bragging, Series 7’s Edward Hunter proclaimed: “Not only am I the youngest in the team, but I’m the shortest.”