Video matrix 04/07/2014: Brand responds to Hannity (again), and a historian reflects on the atmosphere in Germany as it declared war in 1914


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Lebanese soldiers were killed in clashes with gunmen on the Syrian border that erupted after the detention of a suspected Syrian jihadist.



(Contains scenes that some viewers may find distressing.) At least ten people have died in a strike at a UN school housing civilians displaced by the Israel-Gaza conflict. Witnesses at hospitals say that 30 people were also injured, reportedly by a missile that struck the entrance to the school. It is the second to be hit in less than a week.

The spat between Russell Brand and Fox news anchor Sean Hannity continues. Rather than be upset at Hannity calling him a "D-list actor better know for his failed marriage to Katy Perry", Brand rejects the American's offer of an education and instead amuses himself by analysing Hannity's interview style.




A historian reflects on the atmosphere in Germany as war was declared in 1914. He describes how there was "a noticeable nervousness in Berlin". Food prices increased enormously, and people went to the banks to collect their accounts in cash and panic began to grow.



Dancing to Pharrell's hit "Happy", waving rainbow flags and driving through the streets on mopeds: Vietnam's third gay pride parade appears to have been a huge success and a promising move in the right direction as attitudes towards the LGBT+ community soften.