Video matrix 06/06/2014: D-Day service, Brazil protests, Tokyo toy tours, ballet and a goat


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1. Pegasus Bridge D-Day service

In the early hours of 6 June, 1944, the Glider Pilot Regiment captured Pegasus Bridge in Normandy at the start of D-Day: this commemorative service at the scene marks the 70th anniversary


2. Thousands protest at World Cup opening stadium

Less than a week before the football tournament kicks off, demonstrators at the Arena de Sao Paulo call on the Brazilian Government to provide more low-income housing


3. Tokyo tours for stuffed toys

Live vicariously through your toys: this Japanese travel agent takes stuffed animals around the city, capturing their experiences on camera in lieu of their owners


4. Ballet in slow motion

Behind the scenes at The Washington Ballet: witness the most difficult dance moves in the company’s repertoire


5. Goat gives all it’s got

This baby goat proves it’s not a wimpy kid