Video matrix 20/06/2014: World Cup protests, NASA, Kenya detains two men, how to cut cake, and squirrel rescue


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1. Chilean fans confront police over ticket prices

Football fans protest outside the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro over the price of last minute World Cup tickets.

2.  NASA unveils Orion spacecraft

The space agency reveals its latest spaceship currently being assembled in Florida, in the hope of carrying astronauts deep into the unknown.

3. Kenya detains two men over terrorist attacks

Police said they have detained two men linked to coastal attacks that killed 65 people and sparked security fears.

4. The scientific way to cut cake

Think you know how to slice cake? Think again: Francis Galton’s mathematical principle reduces spoilage.

5. Sailors save drowning squirrel

A father and his son bring a tired young squirrel aboard their sailing boat as it struggles to swim ashore.