Video matrix 23/04/2014


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1. Pro-Russian rebels Ukraine hold firm

Protesters stay on the streets to support the call for referendum while Ukraine claims Russian troops are in government buildings.


2. The highest paid supermodel Gisele Bündchen turns singer

The Brazilian supermodel makes a real bid for pop stardom by singing Blondie’s Heart of Glass for H&M’s new campaign.


3. South Korea ferry: the search continues

The confirmed death toll in ferry disaster passes 100, as improved weather enables divers to continue their search. In the meantime the captain ans his crew remain arrested.


4. Real Chucky bus prank

The moment real-life Chucky billboard doll comes to life and chases pedestrians in a prank to promote the DVD release of the latest horror film.


5. Tech talk: Modular Phones and wearable eyes

Next year might see the launch of Google’s new smartphone, costing £30 the base unit, and the Agency Glass which which has animated eyes.