Video matrix 23/05/2014: Lee Rigby, Russian rocket, Hugger Mugger, magnetic shoes and goat's wheelchair


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1. UK bikers mark Lee Rigby murder anniversary

Bikers across the UK pay tribute to fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, one year after his shocking death.


2. Russian rocket fails

The country’s most advanced satellite has been destroyed after the rocket carrying it burned up before reaching orbit.


3. Hugger Mugger

CCTV footage shows the attacker doing a martial arts move around his victim’s neck to steal a £5,000 watch during sleeper hold.


4. Magnetic shoes

These homemade shoes let you walk upside down (on metal walls and ceilings) like X-Men’s Magneto.


5. Wheelchair for Frostie

Animal sanctuary helps a disabled goat suffering a serious condition that ended up stealing the mobility of his back legs.